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What we offer

We are happy to offer tattooing in any style excluding portraits and watercolour effects, there are plenty of artists who specialise in these styles, bring your own design on your phone or choose from our extensive gallery. All our work is guaranteed but we can't guarantee how you will look after your tattoo when you leave our studio, all clients will receive free aftercare advise.

Cover up work a speciality, old or poorly done tattoos can be refreshed or covered with a new tattoo, we also offer laser removal but this system only removes old school black ink which is carbon based, most black ink used today and for the past 20 years or more is iron oxide based, so if your tattoo is 20 years old or more then I can remove it safely with my " Nid/yag Ruby Q switched Laser" free consultation and test patch available.

Appointments online or by phone are possible, but only with a £20- deposit payable in advance by bank transfer. This deters people from making appointments and not turning up or even giving a courtesy call or text to let us know! Timewasters!

Deposit details.  Barclays. MR D J CROOKS sort code 20-46-65  Account number 000870922

Any quotes given over the phone or online are guesstimates only, because it is almost impossible to give a quote without seeing in person where it is going to be, how big it is, etc, everyone's skin is different and prices vary accordingly.


We also offer body piercing using only the finest materials and jewellery. we also offer anaesthetic for most piercings.

Contact Don   07901958557

( Please be patient when phoning, if we don't answer that means we are busy, leave a message or text and we will bet back to you ASAP.)

Tel. 07901 958557


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